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The importance of having a professional looking model profile

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Invest in your image because in the essence, adult webcaming is selling your image online. Sooner you understand this simple fact, the sooner you can benefit from professional and affordable services.

In an era where Virtual Reality Webcaming gains more and more popularity a simple image with a text on it seems old school, like ’90s and it is not enough. It is time to get rid of crappy designs and invest in your online presence  if you respect yourself and your image

~ Dan N – Studio CSSMFC Productions

If you are a webcam model you probably know how important your image is in this particular field of work.

If you are a model working on MyFreeCams or/and Chaturbate you are spoiled with the opportunity of editing your model profile.

Not all camming websites allow it.  Actually very few do.

Learn to fully benefit from the website you are streaming from. Take advantage of all opportunities and start making money. Let your image work for you.

When it comes to the adult industry, image is the most important thing there is.

That is what you’re “trading“, what you’re “selling“, your most valuable asset. Of course, brain is important too but you can’t put it on the shelf and say “here’s a mix of sassyness, intelligence and a dash of sarcasm”, can you?

A member will “fall inlove” with your mind only after he sees you broadcasting, after he visits your profile, read a little bit about you, check on your pictures and so on.

In many cases a great looking profile can convince a member to stick around more, even if he might have caught you in a less fortunate day when you barely put some makeup on, have your hair in a bun and you’re sleepy af so the look on your face is screaming “pajamas, here I come!”.

Yes, a professional profile can be your business card, the one that speaks for you, the one that makes members engage.

We’ve been working with models since 2011 (on current form) so we know what we are doing and we like to make it easy for our collaborators.

Our clients are cam models so we know how hard it can be to find some personal time between shifts, let alone doing the same thing over and over again such as working on your profile, editing an image 4 times a day or even worse, going to the web designer that created your profile every time you need some minor editing.

We wanted to get rid of all this from the start so that’s why our team has a kick ass coder who can make wishes come true: editable profile sections.

Models can edit names and whatever text they want by themselves, straight from the profile code.

Panic! “How am I going to do that? I’m not good with coding and stuff like that! No worries.

All you need to know is read and follow instructions because each and every one of our templates has install instructions and we also have a forum where you can find all the info you need.

This is what we call professionally made profiles.

Not just great graphics, backgrounds, colors, fonts, but also great functionality.

This is the kind of profile making service you need as a webcam model. What you need to do is love what you’re doing.

That will translate in stunning photographs, excitement and fun. And when you’re having fun, we’re having fun too because that means we are having an efficient communication which is the key to a fruitful collaboration.

If you are a cam model I’m sure you want the best. In order to receive the best you should first give the best which means a spotless model profile, one that speaks for itself, one that compliments you and leaves your members in complete awe, one that represents you, your personality, your style and goals.

If you want to be treated like a professional you should first look like one.

Ready to become the best version of your cam model self?  Browse our website to see the available MFC and CB profile templates.

If you have something else in mind contact us and tell us about it. Custom made profiles are always a beautiful challenge.

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